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    About Beautiful Florida

    Beautiful Florida is a new tool for Cosmetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery. It provides an encyclopedia of information about the different type of treatments both surgical and non-surgical, as well as provide a resource for finding local experts that can perform each of them. The goal was to create an easy way for people to do their research all in one place.

    Advertising on Beautiful Florida

    Beautiful Florida offers add-on packages to the basic membership that you get when you sign up. The Advertising package has a few different options for image ads on different pages of the website in different sizes. Attract views with eye catching ads to your website or listing. For details, download the media kit below.
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    • Katie Tandy: Make Me Beautiful: The Psychology of Our Love Affair With Plastic Surgery October 9, 2014
      Here are four of the women's "arguments" for altering your body and face. Read more: Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Brazil, Body Issues, What Is Beautiful, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Going Under the Knife, Dystopia, Utopia, Style News […]
      Katie Tandy
    • Elaine Ambrose: Get Plastic Surgery Or Buy A Car? October 7, 2014
      He looked at me and caught his breath. I was the perfect candidate for his advertisements that revealed the "before" photograph... the one that shows just how grotesque the human body can become. Read more: Midlife, Midlife Women, Plastic Surgery, Style News […]
      Elaine Ambrose
    • Emily Nolan Joseph: Model Gets Radically Honest About Body Image October 7, 2014
      Never in a million years did I imagine that the fear of being radically honest about my violent journey with body image and being courageous enough to take my shirt off outside the photo studio would birth an event that transformed the way we -- and I -- truthfully feel about body image. Read more: Eating Disorders, Plastic Surgery, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, […]
      Emily Nolan Joseph
    • 6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Having Plastic Surgery September 26, 2014
      Before you go under the knife, ask yourself these questions. Read more: Questions to Ask Before Surgery, Dr. Phil, Self-Esteem, Dr. Phil Health, Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Dr. Phil News […]
      The Huffington Post News Team
    • Nikki Gloudeman: The Surprising History and Future of Boob Job Fever September 18, 2014
      As a feminist, I've always felt deeply conflicted about the whole boob job thing. On one hand, it's both sad and ridiculous that women feel compelled to pay thousands and undergo surgery to attain an ostensibly "more desirable" body. Read more: Stem Cells, Statistics, Silicone, Implants, Playboy, Research, Gummy Bear, Breasts, Women Likin […]
      Nikki Gloudeman