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    About Beautiful Florida

    Beautiful Florida is a new tool for Cosmetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery. It provides an encyclopedia of information about the different type of treatments both surgical and non-surgical, as well as provide a resource for finding local experts that can perform each of them. The goal was to create an easy way for people to do their research all in one place.

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    Beautiful Florida offers add-on packages to the basic membership that you get when you sign up. The Advertising package has a few different options for image ads on different pages of the website in different sizes. Attract views with eye catching ads to your website or listing. For details, download the media kit below.
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    • Lauren DeLisa: What Type of Selfie Are You? July 15, 2014
      Quick! Are you the kind who combs your hair before a selfie or do you just go for it? While many have said that this growing phenomenon has caused us to become even more concerned about our looks than in previous times, there may actually be something a bit deeper going on beneath the surface. Read more: Photos, Kim Kardashian, Marc Jacobs, Sociology, Trends […]
      Lauren DeLisa
    • Monica Parker: The Changing of the Guard July 11, 2014
      We got smartphones and we got smarter at navigating our way around the Internet. We've become savvy at finding new 'likes': online dating, Scrabble, Skype, Twitter and every hot travel deal going. We've joined Facebook in droves (until our sons and daughters fought back by un-friending us). Read more: Reinvention, Plastic Surgery, Women, […]
      Monica Parker
    • Barbara Greenberg: Helping Your Teen Daughters Love their Bodies July 2, 2014
      Hi Dr. Barbara, I'm 17 and having a self-image situation. I joined an all-girl yoga group a few weeks back and we just got our class uniforms in. Ba... Read more: Yoga, Plastic Surgery, Adolescence, Belly Buttons, Summer, Daughters, Teens, Body Image, Eating Disorders, Nudity, Vacations, Parenting-Teens, Parents News […]
      Barbara Greenberg
    • Elisabeth Dale: Real or Fake? The Reasons Women Get Breast Implants June 27, 2014
      Why do women get breast implants? It's the number one cosmetic surgery in the U.S., even though it carries with it the burden of judgment and dismissal. So what's driving these women? Are they young and insecure? Superficial? Desperate? Read more: Breasts Implants, Plastic Surgery, Self-Esteem, Boob Jobs, Body Image, Breast Augmentations, Women […]
      Elisabeth Dale
    • Dr. Gregory Jantz, Ph.D.: Viral Hoax Garners Thousands in Sympathy Funds Online June 26, 2014
      Even though I know I can't believe everything I read or see online, sometimes I still do. But there are people who use lies and deception with unclear motives on the Internet. Read more: Gofundme, Social Media, Victoria Wilcher, Kfc, Frank Stile, Viral, Hoax, Plastic Surgery, Crowdsourcing, Pit Bull Attack, Kfc Viral Hoax, Kfc Hoax, Technology News […]
      Dr. Gregory Jantz, Ph.D.