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    About Beautiful Florida

    Beautiful Florida is a new tool for Cosmetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery. It provides an encyclopedia of information about the different type of treatments both surgical and non-surgical, as well as provide a resource for finding local experts that can perform each of them. The goal was to create an easy way for people to do their research all in one place.

    Advertising on Beautiful Florida

    Beautiful Florida offers add-on packages to the basic membership that you get when you sign up. The Advertising package has a few different options for image ads on different pages of the website in different sizes. Attract views with eye catching ads to your website or listing. For details, download the media kit below.
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    • Barbara Hammond: Mother Nature and Father Time are Cruel April 20, 2015
      Back in the day, I had a pretty decent body, great hair, good skin and I never appreciated it as I should have. I did some modeling, worked with models and owned a modeling agency. Still, I wasn't happy with my body. Read more: Aging, Tummy Tuck, Plastic Surgery, Hair Loss, Thyroid, Skin Care, Fifty News […]
      Barbara Hammond
    • The Tough Lesson This '70s Actress Learned From A Bad Boob Job April 20, 2015
      Growing up on a television show can be a difficult process for a young star. For more than a decade, Mary McDonough played middle daughter Erin on "Th... Read more: Mary Mcdonough, The Waltons, Erin From the Waltons, Plastic Surgery, Celebrity Plastic Surgery, Boob Job, Breast Augmentation, Cosmetic Surgery, Own-Video, Oprah Where Are They Now, Oprah Wh […]
      The Huffington Post News Team
    • Josh Misner, Ph.D.: The Bookmarks to Our Life Stories April 17, 2015
      "Do you want to know the truth, or do you want to tell a story?" Choosing the latter, my son told others he got the scars from a sword fight with skeleton pirates while riding a long-neck dinosaur, or that it happened during an epic light saber battle with meddling Jedi. Read more: Parenting, Accident, Plastic Surgery, Emergency Room, Scars, Beauty […]
      Josh Misner, Ph.D.
    • Plastic Surgery Can Make People Perceive You As Being More Likeable, Study Finds April 13, 2015
      There's no doubt that plastic surgery can make you look younger, but can it also make people like you more? A study published last week in the j... Read more: Plastic Surgery, Personality Psychology, Cosmetic Surgery, Facial Profiling, Science News […]
      The Huffington Post News Team
    • Irene Michaels: I On Exceptional Living: The Exceptional Lives of William Yates, Beverly Johnson and More April 8, 2015
      From supermodel to suburban-supermom, the I On Exceptional Living series continues with more special individuals whose lives are leaving a mark on the world in a variety of ways. Read more: Irene Michaels, IOnTheScene.Com, I on Exceptional Living, Vicki Reece, Joy of Mom, Suburban Mom, Nonviolent Entertainment, Children’S Entertainment, Jon Wilensky, Reconst […]
      Irene Michaels