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    About Beautiful Florida

    Beautiful Florida is a new tool for Cosmetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery. It provides an encyclopedia of information about the different type of treatments both surgical and non-surgical, as well as provide a resource for finding local experts that can perform each of them. The goal was to create an easy way for people to do their research all in one place.

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    Beautiful Florida offers add-on packages to the basic membership that you get when you sign up. The Advertising package has a few different options for image ads on different pages of the website in different sizes. Attract views with eye catching ads to your website or listing. For details, download the media kit below.
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    • Eudie Pak: The Ugly Truth About the '100 Years of Korean Beauty' Video March 25, 2015
      Looking back, most of us were just too young to question whether going under the knife was ethically good or bad. You just got it done because your parents expected you to do it and then you didn't talk about it. Read more: Beauty, Women, Ethnicity, Viral Videos, Plastic Surgery, Self-Esteem, South Korea, Culture, 100 Years of Beauty, Lifestyle, Style, […]
      Eudie Pak
    • Robert Tornambe, M.D.: Our Aging Face-Part 3-Medical Alternatives February 25, 2015
      A skillful facelift should make you look better, not necessarily younger. Most important, you should still look like you! Your plastic surgeon should require medical clearance by your personal physician. If you choose a surgical option, no matter what decade, consult a board certified plastic surgeon. Read more: Aging Face, Aging With Dignity, Plastic Surger […]
      Robert Tornambe, M.D.
    • Quora: Why Do They Call It Plastic Surgery? February 19, 2015
      Plastic Surgery is broad surgical specialty that requires a minimum 5 year residency after completing medical school. The word Plastic in plastic surgery comes from the word plastikos which is greek for "to mould" and it got this name because in general plastic surgery involves manipulating and moving tissue around to suit a specific purpose. Read […]
    • Rachel Levy Lesser: Count The Freckles January 22, 2015
      She likes her freckles, counting them and eagerly searching for more with me at the end of one of those long summer days. When she does this, I can't help but think of all of the time and agony I could have saved if only I counted the freckles instead of trying to scrub them away. Read more: Freckles, Jan Brady, Fashion Trends, Fashion Magazines, Curly […]
      Rachel Levy Lesser
    • Laura Dunn: Women in Business Q&A: Goesel Anson, M.D., F.A.C.S. January 20, 2015
      Nationally recognized for her expertise in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face, Dr. Goesel Anson is board certified by the American Board of Plastic... Read more: Women in Business, Business News, Goesel Anson, Plastic Surgery, Mentoring, Business News […]
      Laura Dunn